Hundreds of Doctors Sign Accord Calling for End of mRNA Vaccines

Thousands of people, including more than 600 medical doctors and over 1,500 healthcare professionals, have signed onto the Hope Accord, which condemns mRNA products and the COVID-19 vaccine.

The Hope Accord has received 19,396 signatures: 608 medical doctors, 1,567 healthcare professionals, 652 scientists and academics, and 16,595 concerned citizens.

The accord demands the “immediate suspension of the COVID-19 mRNA vaccine products,” as there are links between the technology and an “alarming rise in disability and excess deaths.”

According to the accord, the “association observed between the vaccine rollout and these concerning trends is now supported by additional significant findings. These include the discovery of plausible biological mechanisms of harm demonstrated in laboratory and autopsy studies, as well as high rates of adverse events seen in randomised clinical trials and national surveillance programs. Altogether, these observations indicate a causal link.”

The statement added that while mRNA was “granted emergency use authorisation,” the products should not be used moving forward unless there is proof that they are not causing harm.

“A comprehensive re-evaluation of the safety and efficacy of all COVID-19 vaccine products” is also demanded. The authors call for a “full exploration” of any harm done to the human body from the products.

“We call on the scientific community to come forward with findings from unpublished Covid-19 vaccine studies. This will help mitigate publication bias, whereby unfavourable results were often rejected or withheld due to fears of reputational damage,” the accord adds. “Crucially, government bodies and the pharmaceutical industry must also provide full transparency, granting access to previously undisclosed anonymised patient-level data from clinical trials and surveillance programs.”

Support for those injured by the vaccine is also demanded. According to the accord, denying one’s vaccine injury is a “betrayal of those who followed official directives, often under coercion from mandates restricting their access to work, education, travel, hospitality and sports.”

The accord also urges for medical ethics to be restored, such as “‘first do no harm,’ informed consent, bodily autonomy and the notion that adults protect children – not the other way around.” It notes that emergencies are “never a reason to abandon our principles.”

The fifth and final point in the accord aims to address the “root causes of our current predicament.”

“An honest and thorough investigation is needed, addressing the root causes that have led us to this place, including institutional groupthink, conflicts of interest and the suppression of scientific debate,” it reads. “We ultimately seek a renewed commitment to the core principles of ethical medicine, returning to an era in which we strive for transparency, accountability and responsible decision-making throughout the spheres of medicine and public health.”

The accord was widely supported on social media.

Cardiologist Dr. Aseem urged the public to sign the accord. “Make your voice count by adding your signature so we can collectively clean up this rotten system,” he wrote on X.

Clinical psychologist Dr. Jordan B. Peterson also voiced his support for the accord. While he doubts that ethics will fully return to medicine, he noted that “these people are worth supporting.”