British MP Declares COVID Vaccines Have Killed ‘Millions,’ Death Toll ‘Still Going Up’

British Member of Parliament (MP) Andrew Bridgen told GB News that “between 10 and 20 million people” worldwide have been killed by the COVID-19 vaccines.

“The evidence was pretty considerable 18 months ago when I first spoke out,” he said, adding that the evidence has now become “overwhelming.”

“The MPs have got their hands in blood up to their armpits they put out hundreds, if not thousands, of letters saying that the vaccines are safe and effective over the last few years,” Bridgen added.

He noted that the vaccines are “neither safe nor effective.”

Bridgen stated that a cardiologist recently claimed the “vaccine rollout is the biggest crime against humanity since the Holocaust.”

“I’m afraid it’s going to be bigger than the Holocaust because I think we’re going to be somewhere between 10 and 20 million people who have been killed by these experimental vaccines worldwide — and it’s still going up,” the MP warned.

Christine Anderson, who represents Germany in the European Parliament, said the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines are “biggest medical scandal ever.”

She declared that the vaccination campaign will “go down into the medical books as the biggest medical scandal ever,” adding, “It will be known as the biggest crime to ever have been committed on mankind.”

A recent preprint study linked COVID-19 vaccines with rising cancer rates and called for further research on the matter.

The study investigated death rates from neoplasms, or an abnormal growth of tissue that is a characteristic of cancer.

The authors explained that neoplasm deaths had a consistent trend prior to 2020, although there was a “rise in excess mortality from neoplasms reported as the underlying cause of death” beginning in 2021 and continued increasing through 2022.

2020 saw an increased mortality of 3.4%, 2021 with 9.2%, and 2022 with 16.4%.

While deaths in 2020 could be attributed to the negative health effects of widespread lockdown, the deaths in 2021 and 2022 “could be adverse effects of the COVID-19 vaccines, which were rolled out from 2021 and prioritized for vulnerable groups such as those with cancer,” according to the study.