Pentagon Confirms a Second Chinese Balloon Over Latin America

The U.S. government says another Chinese spy balloon is traveling over Latin America.

America First Legal Demands Answers From CDC on ‘Abhorrent’ Transgender Activism in Schools

America First Legal has filed a Freedom of Information Act request with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, demanding records related to the CDC’s “self-assessment tool” urging teachers, administrators, school health staff, and others to advocate LGBT causes in school.

Library Backs Down, Allows Christian Book Reading: Kirk Cameron’s ‘As You Grow’

San Tan Library reverses censorship, permits Christian book reading after legal challenge by First Liberty Institute.

U.K. Homeowners Face $Thousands in Fines for Using Wood-Burning Stoves

U.K. homeowners violating air pollution rules on wood-burning stoves face fines, criminal record due to government crackdown on older appliances.

9-Year-Old Viciously Beaten on Florida School Bus: Parents Pressing Charges

Heartbroken mother demands action after daughter viciously beaten on school bus.

Biden Admin. Makes No Effort to Remove Chinese Spy Balloon Floating Over U.S.

Biden said shooting it down would pose a “risk to [the] safety and security of the people on the ground.”

Planned Parenthood Wants to Remove Terms ‘Women’ and ‘Female,’ Suggests Using Phrase ‘People With Uteruses’ Instead

Planned Parenthood's Vermont Action Fund advocates for gender-neutral language in healthcare advocacy, calls for elimination of terms such as "women" and "female," refers to women as "people with uteruses," and recommends alternative language usage.

Ex-CDC Director Calls for ‘Moratorium’ on Gain of Function Research ‘To Prevent a Deadlier Pandemic’

"If gain of function didn’t cause this ferocious pandemic, it most certainly can cause the next one."

Virtual Reality Headsets Igniting Safety Concerns Over Radiation Levels

The debate over potential health consequences from wireless device radiation has officially crossed the virtual threshold.

Mainstream News Outlets Want to Abandon ‘Objectivity’

"It's objective by whose standard? ... That standard seems to be White, educated, and fairly wealthy," noted Kathleen Carroll, former executive editor at the Associated Press.

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