Ukrainian Region to Vote on Joining Russia

Zaporozhya Region secession could happen as early as mid-September.

Syria Becomes Second Nation to Recognize Donbass Republics

Russia recognized the region's independence in February of this year.

Biden Won’t Go to Ukraine

Psaki says "we are not sending the President to Ukraine."

Ukraine Rejects Ultimatum as U.S.-Russia Ties ‘On the Brink of Collapse’

Ukraine won't accept ultimatums from Russia as Biden broadcasts "unacceptable" remarks about Putin.

‘Snake Island’ Story of Russian Warship Killing ‘Defiant’ Ukrainian Soldiers Was Fake News

Western news outlets and social media accounts spread the story of Ukrainian soldiers on Snake Island defiantly telling off the Russian navy before being killed—the story is now confirmed "fake news."

Leftists ‘Suddenly’ Value Second Amendment Amid Russia-Ukraine Conflict

Those on the political left who previously ridiculed American civilians with firearms are suddenly in favor of them as Ukrainians prepare to defend themselves against Russia.

Russia ‘Ready to Negotiate’ with Ukraine: Putin

Vladimir Putin tells China's President Xi he's ready to hold high-level talks with Kiev.

Russia Withdrawing More Tanks From Ukraine Border

Moscow promotes de-escalation.

Ukraine’s President Rebukes Media Hysteria about Russian Invasion

"When you read media, you get the image that we have troops in the city, people fleeing … That’s not the case."

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