Hungarian PM Implores the West to Rethink Russia-Ukraine Conflict, Says Ukraine Cannot Win

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán believes the West should call for peace negotiations between Russia and Ukraine rather than provide aid that escalates the conflict.

“My position is that, looking at the reality, looking at the figures, looking at the surroundings and the fact that NATO is not ready to send troops, it is obvious that there is no victory for Ukrainians on the battlefield,” Orbán said during an interview with Bloomberg at the Qatar Economic Forum.

“That is my position. That is always my suggestion to everybody that escalation should be stopped and that we should argue in favor of peace and negotiation,” the prime minister continued.

He added that the “most important thing for the international community is to save lives.”

Reporting from Remix:

Hungary is currently blocking the latest release of EU military funding to Kyiv, believed to be a package worth €500 million, after Ukraine opted to include Hungary’s largest bank, OTP, on a “war sponsors” list.