PBS Reporter Debunks Ukraine Report that Russia Targeted Civilian Building

The reporter showed footage of the area.

  • PBS’s Simon Ostrovsky reported from Mykolaiv, Ukraine, showing an area bombed by Russian forces, contradicting an official story from the Ukrainian government.
  • The correspondent refutes the Ukrainian assertion that Russia bombed a civilian residential building.
  • He displays a video showing military shoes, uniforms, and decals strewn among the stone and twisted iron mounds while he refutes Ukraine’s claim.
  • Pushback began immediately, with some social media users saying the reporter was “actively aiding in the Russian propaganda efforts.”
  • The potential lack of ability to verify information from Ukraine causes additional questions, including their assertions regarding military power.
  • A recent video post about Russia’s “special military operation” shows a Ukrainian tank captain from Zhytomyr who described confusion and chaos in the Ukrainian command.
  • Other reports indicate that Ukrainian recruits are sometimes 45-50 years old and that the small country could be having trouble keeping its numbers up.
  • Russia began its incursion into Ukraine on February 24 of this year, citing Ukrainian aggression against its own people in Ukraine’s Donbas region.
  • The United States has imposed tariffs on more than 570 Russian goods, and President Joe Biden and colleagues at the G7 summit said they intend to use tariffs on Russian goods to help Ukraine.
  • As of Wednesday, Biden said that he would raise the U.S. tariff rate on some Russian items still being imported to 35%.