Utah Passes Bill to Regulate Bathroom Access for Transgenders

Utah is set to become the next state to regulate bathroom access for transgender individuals after its Legislature passed a measure last week that requires people to use bathrooms and locker rooms in public schools and government-owned buildings that match their sex assigned at birth.

Transgender Suspect Threatens to Rape Christian Girls, Copy Nashville Shooting

According to authorities, a transgender individual threatened to rape Christian schoolgirls, inject HIV into people wearing crosses, and carry out a similar mass shooting of the Nashville Christian Covenant School.

San Diego Mayor Sued for Anti-Christian Discrimination

A California pastor filed a lawsuit against San Diego Mayor Todd Gloria (D) after Gloria had the pastor removed from an advisory board for his Christian beliefs.

Undiagnosed Pneumonia Spreads Through Chinese Schools

Undiagnosed pneumonia is spreading throughout schools in China.

Illinois School Investigates Students Uncomfortable With Transgenders Using Bathroom Of Their Choice

According to records obtained by Parents Defending Education, non-transgender students who were uncomfortable with students who said they were transgender to use the bathroom of their choice were accused of "harassment."

International Sports Cycling Governing Body Bans Transgender Competitors in Women’s Races

UCI officials assert that this controversial move is a necessary measure "to protect the female class and ensure equal opportunities.”

Biden’s Defense Department Celebrates Transgenders, Drag Queen ‘Mother Figure’

Also recognized during Pride Month was Marsha P. Johnson, a black transgender activist described as a "mother figure" to drag queens, trans women, and homeless youth.

College Adjunct Instructor to Undergo Free-Speech Training After Student Received Zero for Referring to ‘Biological Women’

A University of Cincinnati adjunct instructor Melanie Nipper has been instructed to undergo free-speech training after she gave one of her students a zero for referring to "biological women" in a project proposal.

Michigan Introduces New ‘Hate Crime’ Legislation That Threatens Free Speech Rights

The Democrat-majority Michigan legislature has introduced new “hate crime” legislation that would charge residents with hate crimes if they hurt the feelings of "protected minorities," including homosexuals and transgenders.

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò Celebrates Dodgers Prayer Rally, Condemns Pride

Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò celebrated the Dodgers prayer rally while condemning LGBTQ Pride.

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