Transgender Suspect Threatens to Rape Christian Girls, Copy Nashville Shooting

According to authorities, a transgender individual threatened to rape Christian schoolgirls, inject HIV into people wearing crosses, and carry out a similar mass shooting of the Nashville Christian Covenant School.

Jason Lee Willie, a biological male who identifies as a woman, was charged last week with 14 felony counts of interstate communication of a threat to injure.

Willie, a 47-year-old resident of Nashville, Illinois, allegedly made the threats in online videos and during streaming video calls.

“We’re out here walking into your school, shooting your children, and I’m going to tell you right now, I’m gonna be one of them and the FBI isn’t gonna stop me, but I’m gonna kill your children out here,” Willie said.

“There’s a lot of transgenders out here that are tired of being picked on and we’re going to go into the schools and we’re going to kill their [expletive] children out here, and that’s the end of it. We’re at war,” he continued.

Willie reportedly made a subtle threat to carry out a mass shooting like the one earlier this year by a transgender individual who killed three children and three adults in Nashville, Tennessee.

“A person in Tennessee walked into one of your schools and shot up a bunch of your Christian daughters,” Willie said. “That’s not the last of them if you don’t shut your [expletive] mouth.”

“You can’t do nothing about us. You can cry. Cry. Put me on national television, I don’t care. I’m transgender, I’m in the bathroom raping your [expletive] daughters and I’m openly letting you guys know this. The Republican Party, what are you [expletive] going to do about us?” the transgender continued.