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Understanding the 12th Amendment

The 12th Amendment to the United States Constitution is a crucial part of the nation's electoral process, as it outlines the procedure for electing the President and Vice President.

Political Parties in the U.S.

The United States is known for its vibrant democracy and the role political parties play in shaping the nation's policies and governance.

Nikki Haley Says Anonymous Social Media Posting is ‘National Security Threat’

Former South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley proposed social media reforms that would end anonymous posting.

When was the Consitution Ratified?

The ratification of the United States Constitution was a pivotal moment in American history, marking the establishment of the federal government's structure and solidifying the nation's foundational laws.

Former CIA Director Calls For Republican Senator Assassination

Former Director of the National Security Agency is now calling for the demise of Republican Sen. Tommy Tuberville.

DOJ Intervened for U.S. Attorney David Weiss in Response to Hunter Biden Investigation

Emails reveal that the Department of Justice (DOJ) intervened for U.S. Attorney David Weiss in congressional matters relating to the Hunter Biden investigation.

North Carolina Legislators Overrule Governor, Pass Laws Protecting Children From Gender Surgeries

North Carolina legislators overrode Governor Roy Cooper’s (D) vetoes on bills protecting children from radical gender ideology.

Parents Unable to Access Children’s Medical Records

Some state policies overrule the HIPPA Privacy Act and allow minors to agree to medical treatment without parental knowledge.

United Nations Planning ‘Emergency Platform’ for Global Power

The United Nations (U.N.) is planning to adopt a "Pact for the Future" during a September 2024 event.

‘ACE Act’ Overhauls Election System, Addresses Weak Safeguards and Ballot Harvesting Abuse

"Americans must have confidence that our nation’s elections are free and fair," stated Comer in his opening remarks.

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