Poll Finds Trump Maintains Lead Over Biden

A poll from Emerson College Polling found that Donald Trump leads by four points over President Joe Biden.

Jill Stein Launches 2024 Campaign for Green Party

Jill Stein announced that she is running for president as a Green Party candidate.

New York Religious Communities View Migration as ‘Burden’

A pair of polls show near-universal and growing opposition to migration among New York communities amid the chaos and diversity created by D.C. pro-migration policies.

Biden Admin Greenlights Border Wall Construction in South Texas, Waiving 26 Federal Laws

In a marked departure from earlier stances, the Biden administration on Wednesday facilitated the continuation of border wall construction in South Texas by waiving 26 federal laws.

Biden Admin Sells Off Border Wall Materials

Square steel tubes were made available for purchase on web-based auction platform.

245,286 Illegal Migrant Encounters in July Alone, Bringing Biden’s 30-Month Total to 8.6 Million: CBP Data

“Despite the happy talk coming out of the Biden administration, claiming that their policies have reduced illegal immigration, the July Customs and Border Protection (CBP) data show precisely the opposite."

Ramaswamy Skeptical Over Mainstream 9/11 Narrative

Ramaswamy cited numerous instances of the government lying to the American people.

254 Illegal Aliens On Terrorism Watch List Have Entered the U.S. Under Biden

The number of foreigners entering the United States on the terrorist screening list has increased ninefold since Biden took office.

Biden Admin Sees 121% Surge in Daily Illegal Border Encounters

"Encounters of illegal migrants by the Border Patrol at the Southwest Border were down in June, but only because the Biden administration has invented other means of allowing large numbers of inadmissible aliens to enter the country," Stein pointed out.

Cornel West’s Third-Party Presidential Campaign Strikes Fears Among Democrats

Cornel West’s third-party presidential campaign is raising concerns among the Democratic Party.

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