Masters of Deceit: The Government’s Propaganda of Fear, Mind Control & Brain Warfare

The US government has become a master of deceit.

Woke ‘Lightyear’ Second-Weekend Box Office Hits Record Pixar Low

Now that their woke animated feature Lightyear has taken a record dive at the box office, the child groomers at the Walt Disney Co. must be truly bummed.

Deace: Mom Fights Woke School District and the Spirit of the Age. Where Are the Dads?

Even when you catch them red-handed, you’re still the guilty one.

The Government Could Stop Inflation Within a Year. Instead, Expect Things to Get Worse

Know-nothing pundits and politicians have been communicating to Americans that inflation is, like the weather, a mystery they can’t control.

Gonzaga U. Punishes Basketball Hall of Famer for Not Wearing Face Mask

Gonzaga University revoked basketball legend and alumni John Stockton's season tickets for not wearing a face covering at the school's basketball games. QUICK FACTS: Stockton told...

We’ll Never End the COVID Pandemic if Politicians Keep Making the Same Mistakes

Five hundred and eighty one days ago, I wrote a column that appeared in these pages with a headline on the cover that read “It Needs To End. NOW.”

Trump makes 11th-hour intervention in Virginia race to help Youngkin

Former president to hold telephone rally to get MAGA voters to polls.

Cruz mocks Ocasio-Cortez in Senate floor speech, challenges Dems to ‘go see the Biden cages’

Cruz challenges Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats to visit 'Biden cages'

Editor-in-Chief of Germany’s Top Newspaper Apologizes For Fear-Driven COVID Coverage

Says sorry for telling children “that they were going to murder their grandma.”

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