Project Veritas Exposes Conn. Teacher’s Fantasies About Students

A Connecticut educator unknowingly disclosed his fantasies about students to an undercover reporter for Project Veritas. 

On Thursday, the watchdog group released footage of Iman Rasti of Greens Farms Academy admitting to engaging in inappropriate activities with minors.

“I had sex with many, many, many, many, of my students,” Rasti said.

In the video, Rasti disclosed that he steals glances of his underage pupils in compromised positions.

“They open their legs wide open, and I am teaching and I see what I see. And they make sure that the panties, panties are like positioned in a way that I actually see the thing,” Rasti said.

The teacher claimed that his students were purposefully flashing him during class. He acknowledged on camera that his fantasies could destroy his reputation and get him fired from his job. 

A police officer working with Project Veritas said he believes Rasti is acting in a predatory manner.

Reporting by One America News Network.