State of Emergency

Kentucky Governor Declares State of Emergency After Train Derails, Spills Chemicals

A train derailed in Southeastern Kentucky, leading to a chemical spill.

Massachusetts Emergency Shelters Reach Full Capacity

Massachusetts' emergency shelter system reached capacity amid the ongoing immigration crisis.

Denver Nearing $2 Billion Spent On Homelessness Since 2020

A new study reveals the city of Denver has spent nearly $2 billion on its homeless problem over the last three years.

‘Life-Threatening’ Flooding Hits New York City During Wettest Day on Record

Life-threatening flash flooding hit the New York City area Friday as remnants of Tropical Storm Ophelia pummeled the heavily saturated region with several inches of rain in mere hours.

Pennsylvania School District Closes Amid Massive Manhunt for Murderer Illegal Immigrant Danelo Cavalcante

A Pennsylvania school district has closed Tuesday amid the search for illegal alien Danelo Cavalcante.

Democrats Call for Biden To Take Action on Illegal Immigration

Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams recently said that illegal immigration “will destroy New York City.”

NYC Mayor Says Migrant Crisis To Cost $12 Billion Over Three Years: ‘We’re Running Out of Resources’

New York City Mayor Eric Adams declared that the city may spend as much as $12 billion over three years if the migrant crisis persists.

Massachusetts Governor Declares State of Emergency After Migrant Surge Overwhelms System

Massachusetts Governor Maura Healey (D) declared a state of emergency after a migrant surge overwhelmed social services.

New York City Pays Mobile Medical Services Company to Bus Migrants to Other Locations

New York City paid $432 million to DocGo, a medical services company, to bus illegal immigrants to upstate areas in the state.

Africa’s Largest Economy in Nigeria Declares ‘Food Security’ Emergency

Nigerian President Bola Tinubu declared a “state of emergency on food security” due to rapidly rising prices.

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