UK Makes Single Gender Bathrooms Mandatory in Public Buildings

This replaces "gender-neutral" bathrooms in hospitals, schools, and offices.

Chicago Student Commits Suicide After Being Bullied About His Vax Status

The 15-year-old was the target of a false rumor that he was unvaccinated.

Canadian Pastor Brings Christ to Inmates While in Jail for Nearly Six Weeks Now

A famed pastor who was repeatedly imprisoned for opposing the Canadian government is now preaching behind bars.

Maintain Energy and Positivity through the Holidays

by Dr. Mark SherwoodExtra stress around the holidays taxes the physiological system and exhausts the adrenal glands. Exhausted adrenal glands compromise your ability to...

Bannon/O’Keefe Targeting Viewed as Politically Motivated by Majority of Voters

The latest moves by the Biden Justice Department and the FBI are seen by likely voters as political persecution

Is Facebook Bad for You? 360 Million Users Say Yes, Company Documents Show

The app hurts sleep, work, relationships or parenting for about 12.5% of users, who reported they felt Facebook was more of a problem than other social media.

Youngkin Makes the GOP the Parents’ Party

Democrats squander their traditional advantage on education, and he finds a way to capitalize on it.

20 States Sue Biden Administration For Corrupting Title IX With ‘Gender Identity’ Mumbo Jumbo

'The Biden administration has far exceeded its legal authority to mandate that people deny basic biological reality.'

20 states sue Biden administration over LGBT discrimination policies for schools and employers

(Christian Today) Twenty states are suing the Biden administration for implementing expanded LGBT nondiscrimination provisions that the plaintiffs believe run afoul of federal law...

NBC News says if you go to the gym you should wear a face mask in the shower

NBC News has some interesting advice for people going to the gym: "You should wear your mask in the shower."

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