Islamic Terrorist Attacks Spanish Church With Machete

A suspected Islamic terrorist attacked a priest with a machete at a Spanish church. Yasin Kanza, also facing deportation, used his machete against 74-year-old priest Father Antonio Rodríguez, barely missing his spinal cord. In another incident, Kanza claimed “death to Christians” and “Allah is great” before killing Spanish citizens.

From The Blaze:

Santiago Abascal, leader of the right-wing Vox party, pinned blame on the leftist Spanish government for enabling the atrocities to happen by "opening the borders" to illegal aliens.

Abascal tweeted, "He entered Spain illegally, he had an expulsion order, he was under surveillance for jihadism, he was a squatter. How many will there be like him in Spain? The human trafficking mafias and the politicians who open their borders and shower them with subsidies cannot hide their responsibility."