Actress Dies From Assisted Suicide Following COVID Booster Injuries

Slovakian actress Katarina Pavelek, known for her work on The Mindy Project and Marry Me, died earlier this month in Switzerland following an assisted suicide after suffering from COVID booster injuries.

Pavelek experienced significant health deterioration after receiving a booster shot one year ago.

The actress was diagnosed with an incurable chronic neurological illness known as myalgic encephalomyelitis/chronic fatigue syndrome (ME/CFS), a long-term illness with a wide range of symptoms that affects daily activities. 

“Hi guys, over last 10 days I became severely ill again homebound unable to do much. My body is too weak to fight this illness and I have no more strength so I made decision to end my life at Pegasos association in Switzerland. I was diagnosed with untreatable chronic neurological illness,” Pavelek wrote on Instagram in June.

“ME/CFS caused by booster jab on top of having suspected respiratory ALS. This illness made me disabled, unable to work or have social life and unable to enjoy life all together. Breathing have become more and more difficult and painful for me and my lung function has been declining. Thank you for all your friendship and support over last year,” she added.

From The Gateway Pundit:

People with ME/CFS may not look ill. However,

People with ME/CFS are not able to function the same way they did before they became ill.
ME/CFS changes people’s ability to do daily tasks, like taking a shower or preparing a meal.
ME/CFS often makes it hard to keep a job, go to school, and take part in family and social life.
ME/CFS can last for years and sometimes leads to serious disability.
At least one in four ME/CFS patients is bed- or house-bound for long periods during their illness.