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Parents ‘Upset’ After Virginia Librarian Caught Reading LBGTQ Love Story to Elementary School Kids

Parents are upset after elementary school students were read a children’s book featuring a gay relationship on a school morning show, according to a Youtube video.

Deace: Mom Fights Woke School District and the Spirit of the Age. Where Are the Dads?

Even when you catch them red-handed, you’re still the guilty one.

Under Biden’s Title Ix Changes, Wisconsin’s ‘Sexual Harassment’ Circus Over Trans Pronouns Would Ensnare Students in Every State

This is exactly the kind of routine hostility we can expect for students all over the country if Biden successfully writes ‘sexual orientation’ and ‘gender identity’ into the meaning of ‘sex’ in education.

Elementary School Principal Cancels 4th-Grade ‘Lewis and Clark’ Play Over Native American ‘Cultural Appropriation,’ ‘Stereotypes’

An elementary school principal in Washington state canceled a fourth-grade "Lewis and Clark" play after receiving two complaints from parents and determining the script was guilty of "cultural appropriation" and "stereotypes" of Native Americans, conservative commentator Jason Rantz reported for KTTH-AM.

Christian Teacher Suing School Board After Being Suspended for Using Wrong Transgender Pronouns

A Christian teacher in Kansas is suing her school board, the superintendent, and the principal after allegedly being suspended for using a student’s wrong transgender pronouns.

Parents Outraged After DC School Instructor Makes 3rd-Graders Act Out Genocide of the Holocaust

A Jewish third-grader was forced to portray Adolf Hitler when a Washington, D.C., school instructor made children reenact scenes from the Holocaust in the school’s library, according to news reports.

Oxford School Officials Accused of Destroying Shooting Evidence: Lawyer

School officials at Oxford High School in Michigan were told to preserve social media pages and other evidence that were allegedly being destroyed or deleted.

School boards face lawsuits, recalls for censoring public comments on hot-button issues

Federal judge suspends Pennsylvania school district's vague policy on prohibited speech while considering whether to hold officials personally liable.

Federal judge temporarily blocks new Tennessee law banning mask mandates in schools

Ruling came after a lawsuit was filed on behalf of eight Tennessee students with disabilities claiming their rights were violated under the ADA.

Election Day: Eight episodes that awakened parents to liberal indoctrination in schools

School trip to a gay bar, male student in skirt assaults girl in female bathroom, and a student sent to "the black class."

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