Drag Show During New Mexico Prom Leads to Principal Being Fired, Several Employees Placed on Leave

A New Mexico high school principal has been removed, and several employees were placed on leave after the school hosted a drag performance at prom.

Parents were outraged after students said that the drag performer flashed their crotch, “did twerk on a couple of students,” and “let students twerk on them.”

“In a video on TikTok, students can be seen gathering around the performer in thigh-high black boots and a matching body suit, as the performer is bending over, squatting and dancing provocatively,” NBC News reported.

The performance allegedly was done by drag queen “Mythica Sahreen” at the prom for Atrisco Heritage Academy High School in Albuquerque on April 20.

“Honestly, it was really interesting, and I didn’t mind it. But the thing is it’s the place and where it happened, full of minors, you know, it wasn’t very appropriate for prom,” one student said.

“Could have kept it more on the side of like it being more PG with the fact that they kind of did twerk on a couple students it wasn’t exactly the best, but it was something that did happen. And they did let students twerk on them,” another student added.

“He claims he did not get paid for the performance, and it went up the correct chain. However, he wouldn’t tell us who exactly that included or who booked him,” the outlet continued. “There is commentary on one version of the video going around, claiming the performer stripped during the prom. But there is no video showing that to be true, and the students say they never saw that happen.”

Chief of Albuquerque Public Schools, Channell Segura, emailed parents and told them that an investigation was taking place to determine how the incident happened.