Woman From Lahaina Accuses Jeff Bezos, Oprah of ‘Getting What They Want’ After Maui Fires

A Lahaina resident conveyed her disdain for the bureaucratic response to the wildfires.

Over $200 Billion Potentially Lost to Fraudulent Pandemic Loans: U.S. SBA Inspector General

This amounts to "at least 17 percent of all COVID-19 EIDL and PPP funds," as stated in the recent OIG White Paper report.

At Least 10% Of U.S. COVID Relief Aid Stolen, Wasted

“It is an unprecedented amount of fraud," said Justice Department acting director for COVID-19 Fraud Enforcement Mike Galdo.

Biden Jokes About Ice Cream Before Addressing Nashville School Shooting

"I eat Jeni's Ice Cream, chocolate chip."

Inspector Generals Say Billions in COVID Relief Funds Were ‘Biggest Fraud in a Generation’

Inspectors General from the Labor Department, Treasury Department, and Small Business Administration (SBA)testified on Covid-19 relief funding to the House Oversight Committee, stating that billions of dollars were lost through "fraud" and "waste" in what was "the biggest fraud in a generation."

$80 Million in COVID Relief Funds Given to Planned Parenthood

As part of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) implemented during the COVID pandemic, Planned Parenthood clinics have reportedly received $80 million in funds.

DeSantis Blocks Funding for ESG Efforts in Florida

DeSantis said, "Corporations across America continue to inject an ideological agenda through our economy rather than through the ballot box. Today's actions reinforce that ESG considerations will not be tolerated here in Florida, and I look forward to extending these protections during this legislative session."

House Republicans Introduce Bill to Protect Babies Who Survive Abortions

House Republicans have introduced new legislation that would stop infanticide and protect babies who survive abortion.

Republicans Poised for More Anti-ESG Fights in 2023

Republican lawmakers are set to take on the environment, social, and governance (ESG) agenda this year, with multiple states like Florida, Indiana, and Oklahoma targeting the use of such policies for business purposes.

Government Paid $1.4B in COVID-19 ‘Relief’ to Wealthiest Firms Amid Economic Turmoil

Big law and accounting firms raked in $1.4 billion in taxpayer-backed COVID-19 "relief" loans from the federal government while regular people faced economic turmoil, according to a watchdog report obtained by the Washington Examiner.

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