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Donald Trump Endorses Dr. Oz in Pennsylvania U.S. Senate Race

Former President Donald Trump endorsed celebrity doctor Mehmet Oz in Pennsylvania’s U.S. Senate Race on Saturday after his initial pick, Sean Parnell, dropped out amid a contentious custody battle with his estranged wife last fall.

Trump Files to Disqualify Judge in ‘Russiagate’ Lawsuit Against Hillary Clinton

President Trump looking to remove judge assigned to his lawsuit against Hillary.

House GOP Leaders Working On ‘Commitment to America,’ Similar to 1994 ‘Contract’

Republicans in the House are working on their own version of the Contract With America, at least so says the GOP Speaker who helped pen the original version.

Americans Organizing Freedom Convoys in Support of Canadian Truckers

"It's happening whether you like it or not, it's going to happen."

LT. Col. Allen West Says Abbott Failed Texas Border, COVID-19 Tyranny on ‘The Stew Peters Show’

During an interview with popular syndicated broadcaster Stew Peters on “The Stew Peters Show,” Texas Republican gubernatorial candidate Lt. Col. Allen West explained how Texas Governor Greg Abbott has failed the citizens of Texas.

Trump Raised $51 Million in Last Half of 2021, Enters New Year With $122 Million

The funds are in federal accounts that don't allow spending on presidential run but allow Trump to fully fund political operations.

Trump Calls for ‘Honest, Open, and Fair Media’ in New Statement

President Trump criticizes "Fake News Media" for not reporting "record setting $122 million that has been raised for Save America."

Trump Announces Speakers for Conroe, Texas Rally

President Donald Trump "will be joined by endorsed candidates, members of the Texas Congressional Delegation, and other special guests."

Leaked Email Shows Trump-Backed Tennessee Congressional Hopeful Morgan Ortagus Pledging to ‘Faithfully Serve the Biden Administration’

Insiders have pointed to the involvement of Ivanka Trump and GOP establishment operative Ward Baker.

Trump: Biden Admits 2020 Election May Have Been Fraudulent

Former President Donald Trump on Thursday said President Joe Biden questioned the 2020 election results "in his own very different way."

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