Biden and Trump Highlight Eclipse with Opposing Messages

President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump seized the opportunity of the solar eclipse to convey different messages to the American public, setting the stage for the highly anticipated celestial event.

The eclipse, expected to darken several states for a few minutes on Monday afternoon, will begin in Mexico and sweep across a path of totality stretching through Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, New York, Pennsylvania, Vermont, New Hampshire, and Maine before heading over the North Atlantic.

Both 2024 White House hopefuls addressed the phenomenon in divergent ways.

Biden shared a brief, 7-second video on social media urging viewers to wear proper eye protection while observing the eclipse to avoid potential eye damage.

“An eclipse is worth marveling at. But don’t be silly, folks – play it safe and wear protective eyewear,” Biden posted with the video.

The White House echoed this sentiment, emphasizing the importance of using specialized eye protection during the eclipse.

“As the solar eclipse crosses North America, everyone in the contiguous U.S. can experience the awe of safely observing the Sun being blocked by the Moon,” the White House stated. “The Biden-Harris Administration reminds you to play it safe today – don’t forget your specialized eye protection.”

In contrast, Trump shared a different message on Truth Social, showcasing a video where the eclipse imagery transitions into Trump’s profile eclipsing the sun.

“The most important moment in human history is taking place in 2024,” text overlaying the video proclaimed. “We will save America and make it great again. Trump 2024.” The video was accompanied by dramatic music and chants of “USA.”

Trump, the presumptive Republican candidate for the 2024 general election, is poised for a rematch against President Joe Biden, following their 2020 election contest.

The eclipse is expected to draw crowds from across the nation to areas within the path of totality to witness the event’s full effects.