Vaccinated Now Account for Majority of COVID Deaths: New Study

The majority of COVID deaths reported now comprise mainly of vaccinated individuals, new data shows.

Almost No Protection for Elderly From 4th Dose of COVID-19 Vaccine

The relative effectiveness of the fourth dose of a COVID-19 vaccine in the elderly was negligible within months, according to a new study.

Exclusive — It Begins: House Judiciary Republicans to Summon Mayorkas for Border Investigation

Republicans on the House Judiciary Committee have begun rolling out their investigative plans for next year in the wake of securing the House majority

Spike Protein in COVID-19 Vaccines Triggering Cancers and Clots: Pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole

Cole said the vaccines are formulated for a strain of the virus that is extinct, but the spike protein in the injections is from the original Wuhan strain and is causing these health problems.

Fauci Says ‘All Hell’ Could ‘Break Loose’ If Vax Is Taken Without Long-Term Safety Testing: NIAID Director on Vax Dangers in 1999 (Video)

"Then you find out that it takes twelve years for all hell to break loose, and then what have you done?" Dr. Fauci warned about vaccinating people against AIDS without collecting long-term safety data first.

Xi Jinping Re-Elected as Chinese Communist Party Leader

Jinping was re-elected CCP ruler on Sunday, acquiring the position for a third term. Xi is Beijing's longest-serving leader since Mao Zedong. China's economic downturn, human rights violations expected to continue under Jinping.

A Big Picture Look at the Disastrous Public Health Response to COVID-19

An underlying principle of public health is, or was, to provide the public with accurate information so that they can make good health choices for themselves and their community.

Menstrual Abnormalities Lasting for Months Following COVID Vax

The data collected from Israel’s adverse events reporting system showing that some women experienced menstrual disorders for more than 12 months after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine raises concerns, according to Dr. Shelly Cole, an obstetrician-gynecologist in Texas.

SpaceX Declares Independence: Elon Musk’s Firm Says They Will Not Recognize Earth Laws in Planned Mars Colony and Says ‘Free Planet’ Will Adopt ‘Self-Governing...

Elon Musk's SpaceX has declared Mars a 'free planet' and claims their planned colony on the red planet will not recognize Earth-based laws.

Watch Pfizer Exec Say Vax Was Never Tested For Its Ability to Stop Virus Transmission

Pfizer did not know whether its COVID-19 vaccine prevented transmission before rollout and worldwide, mass vaccinations.

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