Concerns Raised Over Biden Administration’s Student Loan Application Rollout

A concerned stepfather impacted by the Biden administration’s rollout of a new federal student loan application spoke out against the implementation that has left his family and many others in financial limbo for months.

Harry Jackson, whose stepson was accepted to Purdue University, appeared on “America’s Newsroom” to discuss how the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) rollout has affected his family.

“It’s agonizing. It’s a lot of stress,” Jackson told Dana Perino on Monday. “Typically, when you have your high school graduation, it’s a period of elation. You’re able to celebrate with your classmates where you’re going to go… and not being able to… and not knowing where you’re going to go, not knowing what options are available, what your future holds for you. This is inexcusable.”

“This is agonizing for thousands of students across the country,” he continued.

A bipartisan spending bill passed in December 2020 included legislation aimed at reforming and streamlining the process for submitting FAFSA ahead of the 2024-25 award year.

But instead of streamlining the process, families have been waiting for months to learn about their child’s possible financial reward.

The delays have ultimately halted the college selection process for many high school seniors nationwide, which has also prompted some higher institutions to delay their own priority admission deadlines.

As of late January, only 700,000 had completed the application, which is down nearly 60% from last year.

“That’s what’s so frustrating. The continued delayed rollout of this… system,” Jackson said. “It’s been delayed month after month after month. It now is due June 1st. Joshua’s been accepted to Purdue, which is one of the top engineering and computer science programs in the country, and we want to make this dream come true, but he doesn’t have an idea of what his financial aid package will be.”

This comes amid a new report last week that Richard Cordray, the chief operating officer for Federal Student Aid, will step down at the end of June.

In a statement to USA Today, Cordray highlighted the Biden administration’s student loan forgiveness initiatives as one of his top achievements during his tenure.

“Over my tenure, we provided student loan forgiveness to more than 4 million borrowers and their families, made it easier for people to apply for and manage federal student aid and took strong actions to hold schools accountable for defrauding students,” Cordray said.

Despite the challenges, Jackson emphasized the importance of resolving the delays in the FAFSA process, as many families are eagerly awaiting financial aid information to make decisions about their children’s education.

“It’s imperative that this issue is addressed promptly. Many families are impacted, and we need clarity on financial aid to plan for our children’s future,” Jackson said.