Rep. Cori Bush

Democrats unhinged after SCOTUS allows Texas law barring abortions after 6 weeks to take effect: ‘Chaos on the ground’

A new pro-life law in Texas that bars abortions after a fetal heartbeat is detected — or as early as six weeks into pregnancy — is infuriating Democrats both statewide and on the national stage.

DC Federal Court Upholds Biden’s Eviction Moratorium, But Expects Dim Future for Ban

US Associate Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh wrote in June he believed the eviction moratorium could only be legally extended by legislative action, but the Democratic-controlled Congress went into recess without passing such a bill, leaving it up to the White House to keep more than 11 million American renters in their homes.

‘Defund the Police’ Advocate Spends Nearly $70,000 on Personal Security

Campaign filings show pro-"Defund the Police" Rep. Cori Bush (D) spent $70,000 on her personal security detail last year.

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