Leftists Angry With Biden Over Yemen Airstrikes

Progressive Democrats are angry with President Joe Biden over his authorization of airstrikes against Houthi rebels in Yemen without congressional approval this week.

Rep. Pramila Jayapal, (D-WA), the head of the Congressional Progressive Caucus, said Biden’s move was “unacceptable.”

“This is an unacceptable violation of the Constitution. Article 1 requires that military action be authorized by Congress,” Jayapal posted on X.

“The President’s strikes in Yemen are unconstitutional,” Rep. Ro Khanna (D-CA) said. “For over a month, he consulted an international coalition to plan them, but never came to Congress to seek authorization as required by Article I of the Constitution. We need to listen to our Gulf allies, pursue de-escalation, and avoid getting into another Middle East war.”

“Section 2C of the War Powers Act is clear: POTUS may only introduce the U.S. into hostilities after Congressional authorization or in a national emergency when the U.S. is under imminent attack. Reporting is not a substitute. This is a retaliatory, offensive strike,” Khanna continued.

Rep. Cori Bush, (D-MO), a member of the far-left House “Squad,” called the airstrikes “illegal.”

“@POTUS can’t launch airstrikes in Yemen without congressional approval. This is illegal and violates Article I of the Constitution,” Bush wrote on X. “The people do not want more of our taxpayer dollars going to endless war and the killing of civilians. Stop the bombing and do better by us.”