Cornell University Removes Lincoln Bust From Library After Complaint

Cornell University has removed a bust of Abraham Lincoln, and a plaque commemorating the Gettysburg Address, from its library.

Mainstream News Org USA Today Removes 23 Articles for ‘Fabricated’ Sources

The articles were removed from its website after an internal investigation.

Fed Hikes Rates by the Most in 28 Years, Signals Volcker-Era Is Back

The Fed hiked rates by a stunning (but expected) 75bps - the biggest hike since 1994. Esther George dissented (preferring 50bps).

Tennessee Congressional Candidate Robby Starbuck Removed From Ballot Again

Robby Starbuck, a Republican congressional candidate running in the Republican primary for Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District, was removed from the ballot again after a state Supreme Court ruling on Friday.

Russia Removes Military Age Limit

The country has removed the upper age limit for service members.

Wikipedia Removes Hunter Biden’s Investment Firm Entry: ‘Not Notable’

Wikipedia editors earlier this week removed an entry on Hunter Biden's investment firm Rosemont Seneca Partners because it was "not notable," archived comments from the Talk...

These 11 California Lawmakers Voted In Favor of Allowing Abortion One Month After Birth

Bill allowing killing of 1-month-old newborns, AB 2223, passed with the help of these 11 California assemblymembers.

CA Bill Allowing Killing of 1-Month-Old Newborn Babies Passes State Senate: AB 2223

The bill now moves to the appropriations committee, then to the assembly floor for a vote.

Tennessee Republican Party Removes Three Candidates From Ballot for Us House Seat

The Tennessee GOP has voted to remove three candidates who were vying for a seat representing the state’s 5th Congressional District.

YouTube Removes Tucker Carlson Interview With ‘De-transitioned’ Woman

Google owned YouTube has removed a recent interview Tucker Carlson produced with a woman who ‘de-transitioned’ from gender conversion and is now speaking out against the promotion of the ideology among young people.

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