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Chinese Authorities Offer Cash to Citizens to Spy on Christian Neighbors and Report ‘Illegal Religious Activities’

A new reward system is being used in China as a way to crack down on Christians who engage in “illegal religious activities.”

Chinese authorities paying citizens to spy on neighbors, report ‘illegal’ Christian activities

China's communist regime has ordered citizens in the country’s northeastern region to spy on Christians and report any “illegal religious activities,” including preaching and religious house gatherings. Informants will be rewarded with $150 for each tip, according to a report.

California governor ordered to pay $1.35 million in legal fees for shutting down churches

Discriminatory restrictions on worship and religious gatherings may no longer be applied.

Federal Judge Rules D.C. Capacity Limits On Religious Gatherings Are Unconstitutional

A federal district court judge ruled Thursday caps on religious services in Washington D.C. were unconstitutional going into the Easter holiday.

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