Revivalist Sean Feucht Says Family Has Been Receiving ‘Hate, Harassment and Death Threats’

Former Bethel church Worship artist Sean Feucht talked about how much hatred he and his family received for leading revival in the nation.

In an article published by The Christian Post, he shared that he and his family have “endured the most intense resistance, hate, harassment, and even death threats.” The revivalist had been criticized for his Gospel approach that was too political.

Feucht launched the ‘Let Us Worship movement’ at the height of COVID-19 lockdowns as a response to restricting religious activities which aimed to mitigate the spread of coronavirus. Religious and non-profit leaders in Los Angeles opposed this worship event. Based on the reports, a number of people didn’t follow minimum precautions for preventing COVID-19. Some wore masks, however.

He then posted on Facebook, “The world will tell you to not push in, not minister, not gather. But JESUS pushed in, He ministered, He gathered. Don’t be discouraged. FOLLOW JESUS!”

Criticism sparked also for Feucht as he and his band performed about 50 feet from where people were gathered to mourn George Floyd’s death. On Twitter, people said his presence co-opted the memorial for Floyd, allegedly and people questioned his motivation for being in the same place and time of mourning.

In August 2021, hatred resurface again for Feucht over his Twitter post among watch groups and locals in Portland. Faith leaders Artur Pawlowski and Sean Feucht held religious gatherings that resulted in clashes between left and right-wing groups as said in the article.

His worship tours and rallies garnered disapproval from locals and national media, according to an article published in The Christian Post. Feucht said his bold stand regarding revival had been difficult.

“It is more controversial than I ever imagined,” he said. “Jesus was right when he warned the disciples, ‘You will be hated by everyone because of me. But the one who stands firm to the end will be saved (Matthew 10:22).'”

Despite allegations and criticisms, he received because of the revival movement, testimonies of breakthroughs and glory of God had sustained them. During the Let Us Worship Miami Tour, Feucht prayed for Casey, the wife of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. Casey has been diagnosed with breast cancer for six months and is now cancer-free according to the governor. Feucht testified what happened on social media.

Several healing testimonies from his Let Us Worship tour had happened according to Feucht. People were healed of COVID-19. People were healed and baptized in the name of Jesus Christ.

He called churches to wake up and become the salt and the light of the nation. “He wants us to [put] His Love and truth to every facet of our life, not just our families and church, but schools, work, and politics too!”

Feucht reiterated that the church is in “season of historic revival!” According to him, “Let Us Worship exists to call a nation and people back to God.” Lastly, he encouraged Christians to pray, stand and believe.