Religious Exemptions

Case Challenges Religious Exemptions for School Vaccine Mandates

The Supreme Court of the United States has been urged to take up a case challenging the removal of religious exemptions for vaccines required for school.

Federal Judge Allows Lawsuit Challenging Maine Governor’s COVID Vaccine Mandate

Healthcare workers fight for religious exemptions and Title VII protection.

Southwest Airlines to Undergo Religious Freedom Training After Lawsuit

The ruling is the latest development in a 10-year battle.

Moscow, Idaho Reaches Settlement With Christians Arrested for Not Wearing Masks at Outdoor Church Event

One man said the event represents a "microcosm" of a nationwide problem.

U.N. ‘Expert’ Says Says Religious Beliefs Should Include LGBT Ideology

An "expert" with the United Nations has come out with a new report claiming religious freedom is "not incompatible" with the LGBT movement.

Mother Sues Doctor Who Administered Vaccines to Her Children Without Consent

The mother of two children who were given COVID vaccines without her consent is suing the doctor who administered the vaccines.

Virginia AG Probes Religious Discrimination Cases After Hospital Fires Experienced Health Workers Over COVID Jab Exemptions

Virginia Attorney General is investigating religious discrimination cases after Inova Loudoun Hospital revoked Covid-19 vaccine exemptions, leading to the firing of experienced health workers.

Biden’s Removal of Employers’ Ability to Cite ‘Moral Objection’ for Contraception Coverage Could Target Religious Liberty

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced earlier this week that it was looking into removing employers’ ability to cite a moral objection to providing contraception in their employee insurance coverage under the Obamacare mandate, while legal experts warn that this could be the first step to removing religious exemptions as well.

Department of Defense Formally Rescinds COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate for Military

The Department of Defense has rescinded its COVID-19 vaccine mandate for military service after Congress sent the National Defense Authorization Act to President Joe Biden's desk that included a provision repealing it.

Judge Grants Final Approval in $10.3 Million Case for Health Care Workers Denied Religious Exemptions From COVID Vaccines

Liberty Counsel's lawsuit from 2021 was granted final approval by Federal Judge John F. Kness.

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