Climate Change ‘Activist’ Al Gore Blasts Fossil Fuel Industry

Climate change activist and former United States Vice President Al Gore has declared war against the fossil fuel industry, accusing oil companies of using the atmosphere at their own disposal.

D.C. Grand Jury on Trump Documents Case Ends

The probe, initially focusing on Trump's dealings, broadened to also investigate alleged cover-up efforts.

FBI Supervisory Agent Testimony Corroborates IRS Whistleblower’s StoryA

A supervisory agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) shared a testimony that corroborates a previous testimony from Internal Revenue Service (IRS) whistleblowers.

RFK Jr. Sues Google, YouTube Over Widespread ‘Censorship Campaign’

“This complaint concerns the freedom of speech and the extraordinary steps the United States government has taken under the leadership of Joe Biden to silence people it does not want Americans to hear," the lawsuit reads.

California Republican Party Changes Rules For Delegates in State Primaries, Giving Trump Potential Advantage

The California Republican Party changed its rules for delegates in the state's presidential primary, a move that could benefit former President Donald Trump.

Gavin Newsom Fines School District for Denying LGBT Curriculum

California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) is fining Temecula School District $1.5 million after the district rejected LGBT curriculum.

Florida County Reports 7th Local Case of Malaria

Florida health officials announced a new locally acquired case of malaria discovered in the southern region of Sarasota County. 

Malaria Found in United States After Two Decades

The CDC expects the number of infections to increase with summer travel.

Elections Do Matter

The next generation is at stake

Barack Obama Proposes ‘Digital Fingerprints’ to Help Combat ‘Misinformation’

Barack Obama has proposed the implementation of “digital fingerprints” online to help with fighting "misinformation," the former president said during a CNN Audio podcast this week.

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