Texas Governor Launches ‘Tactical Border Force’ to Combat Illegal Immigration

Texas Governor Greg Abbott (R) deployed a "tactical border force" to "intercept, to repel and to turn back migrants" attempting to cross illegally.

Measles Detected in U.S. After Sudan Biolab Raided by Unknown Entities

WHO says there's a "high risk of biological hazard."

DeSantis Empowers New Board to Void Disney Agreements

On Friday, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis signed a bill into law, allowing the newly-formed Central Tourism Oversight District Board to cancel development agreements with Disney.

Soros-Backed St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner Steps Down Amidst Legislative Pressure

Globalist and left-wing mega-donor Soros bankrolled Gardner in 2016 and during her 2020 re-election campaign

RFK Jr. Blames Neocons and Zelensky for Russia-Ukraine War

Kennedy claims conflict could have been avoided.

Hungary’s Orbán Warns of ‘Nation-Destroying Virus’ at CPAC Hungary Conference

"The woke movement and gender ideology are exactly what communism and Marxism used to be. They artificially divide the nation into minorities in order to foment discord between groups," said Orbán.

Ex-CIA Agent Alleges U.S. Role in Foiled Drone Attack on Kremlin

"The United States is in no position militarily to confront Russia and survive that confrontation," says Johnson.

AI Pioneer Geoffrey Hinton Leaves Google to Warn the World About the Technology’s ‘Dangers’

"I left so that I could talk about the dangers of AI without considering how this impacts Google. Google has acted very responsibly," says AI "godfather."

Judiciary Committee Investigates Politicization of Federal Law Enforcement Agencies and Supreme Court Intimidation

The Judiciary Committee is investigating the politicization of federal law enforcement agencies and the intimidation of Supreme Court justices by radical left-wing groups, following the leak of a draft opinion in Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization in May 2022, with the Chairman Jim Jordan writing to the Director of the U.S. Marshals Service to request documents and information relating to the matter.

RFK Jr. Reveals Kennedy Brothers’ Battle Against ‘Military-Industrial Complex’ Before Their Assassinations

“Their deaths really marked a fork in the road for our country and the rest of the world," says Kennedy Jr.

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