What Djokovic’s Battle to Compete in Australian Open Means for Health Freedom Movement

If the Serbian tennis star is allowed to stay in the country and compete in the Australian Open, Australia’s prime minister will be acknowledging that his country’s public health policies from the start have been nonsensical in their lack of nuance.

Jerusalem Church Leader Says Israeli Extremists Threaten Christian Presence in City

The Greek Orthodox Patriarch of Jerusalem has accused radical Israeli groups of threatening the presence of Christians in the holy city, in remarks that Israeli officials rejected as baseless.

2022 Is The Year To Stop Letting Fear Control Us And Hold Tight To Hope

As we start off a new year, let’s reject the fear being pushed on us at every turn, and let America be the land of hope once again.

Pelosi Made Up to $30 Million on Insider Stock Trades: The New York Post

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi blocks efforts from bipartisan lawmakers to prevent members of Congress from engaging in individual stock picks.

There Was No Insurrection But There Was A Coup

The debate is over. After a year spent investigating claims of election fraud, the media has determined that any fraud in the 2020 election was too insignificant to have changed the outcome and Joe Biden legitimately won. Now we can get back to our normal lives, or whatever passes for normal now…except that’s fiction.

GETTR Shadow Bans Reporter Who Queried Ban of America First Streamer, Has ‘Nothing More to Say’

Elijah Schaffer, the Blaze reporter who queried the GETTR ban of America First streamer Nick Fuentes has been shadowbanned on the platform.

Trump Responds to Biden Jan. 6 Criticism

Former President Donald Trump fired back at President Joe Biden Thursday morning after Biden blamed him for the events of Jan. 6.

Attorneys worry Ghislaine Maxwell guilty verdict could be thrown out after jurors’ post-trial comments

Attorneys for recently convicted sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell have asked the court for a new trial following comments to the media from two members of the jury acknowledging they shared their own experiences of sexual abuse during deliberations.

WA Elementary Students Eat Outside In 39-Degree Weather: Teachers Eat Indoors In the Name of ‘Safety’

Children at Washington State's Lakewood Elementary school are being forced to eat lunch outside in close to freezing temperatures, for “safety.”

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