New Jersey Gym Owner Cleared of All Charges After Keeping Business Open During COVID Lockdowns

New Jersey gym owner Ian Smith has been cleared of nearly 80 charges after keeping his business open during COVID lockdowns.

DOJ Recommends 40 Year Prison Sentence For Man Who Assaulted Paul Pelosi

The Department of Justice is seeking a 40-year prison sentence against the man who broke into former House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's home and assaulted her husband Paul Pelosi.

15 Federal Agencies Involved in ‘Great COVID Cover-Up’: Sen. Rand Paul

Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) wrote an opinion piece on Fox News where he described the "alarming and dangerous" research leading up to the COVID-19 virus.

Trump Releases Abortion Statement: ‘All About the Will of the People’

Donald Trump released a long-awaited statement on abortion, saying that individual states should have the right to decide restrictions on the matter.

Sen. Ted Cruz Proposes Airport Security Escorts for Lawmakers

Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) is proposing legislation that would allow lawmakers to have private security escorts through airports.

Senate Proposal: $650M for Border Wall, $48B for Ukraine Defense

A Senate bill proposes allocating $650 million for the continuation of the border wall at the United States-Mexico border, while simultaneously earmarking $48 billion...

Denial of Houthi War: Biden’s Self-Defense Justification Examined

The Biden administration denies a war with Iran-backed Houthi forces despite congressional notifications, asserting self-defense in military strikes. Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh clarified,...

Maine Orders Trump to Return to Ballot

The Maine Superior Court ordered Donald Trump to return to the ballot amid a pending decision from the U.S. Supreme Court.

New Jersey Mall Evacuated After Bomb Threat

A New Jersey Mall was evacuated during Black Friday over a bomb threat.

New Jersey to Ban New Gas-Powered Cars

The state of New Jersey announced a plan to ban new gas-powered cars by 2035.

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