American Baby Formula Shortage

At the outset of his presidency, Joe Biden promised competence by a bigger, better government. A few days ago, one of his loyal allies exposed a gross incompetence by federal officials on Biden’s watch that defied that promise and inflamed a baby formula shortage now panicking parents nationwide.

Kyle Rittenhouse Ribs Joe Biden with Meme Video on Twitter

Kyle Rittenhouse posted a video via Twitter taking aim at Biden and NBA player LeBron James.

Donbass Residents Describe Being Attacked by Ukrainian Gov’t Since 2016

"The information war is ongoing. And now, in the MSM, there are too many things that are simply not true," says Donbass mother.

It’s Now or Never: What’s Behind Dems’ Push for Changing Senate Rules & Passing Voting Rights Bills?

Senate Democrats have linked the Capitol protests anniversary to the necessity to pass the Freedom to Vote Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act as soon as possible.

MSM Ratings Tank Amid President Trump Departure From White House

Media outlets across the board are losing viewership in light of President Trump’s departure from the White House.

Is COVID-19 Over In Romania? What Americans Should Learn From The Eastern European Country

We will talk about Romania, its coronavirus statistics, and what we have to learn from the Romanians. Romania Worldmeter Chart shared that covid-19 cases and deaths have flatlined since May, and maybe you will think that there’s no corona in Romania!

Ted Cruz Just Exposed the Biden Admin and the MSM Doesn’t Want To Cover It

Florida Is Back To Normal And Corporate Media Are Calling It A Hellscape

I sense an attitude of friendliness, and camaraderie with strangers rather than fear of them. Normality is alive and well in Florida, as much as corporate media don’t want to admit it.

Hunter Biden Admits: “There Could Be A Laptop Out There…” After MONTHS Of Media Cover-Ups.

After months of mainstream media coverup and big tech censorship of the contents of Hunter Biden’s hard drive, the president’s son admitted: “there could a laptop out there.”

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