Americans Choosing Wallets Over Wokeness Caught the Elites by Surprise

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Brevity is a virtue in political commentary, so perhaps I’ve chosen (rather naively) the wrong topic to blog.

Tom Nichols opened his essay with:

The races in the midterm are tightening up, but everyone who cares about democracy should resist the urge to turn the election into a referendum on inflation.

Well, after Fetterman’s performance — or should I say discombobulated appearance, since he opened the debate with “Hi. Good night everybody.” — how about making this election a referendum on the bottomed out political standards which sees the apparently viable candidacy of a stroked-out zombie like Fetterman who says “I do not believe in supporting the Supreme Court”?

Or how about, given the egregious failure of the FBI (an institution which justifies its existence by claiming to protect the American people) to properly investigate and prosecute the alleged crimes on Hunter Biden’s laptop, we make these midterms a referendum on the government corruption that’s usually part and parcel of a banana republic, or a mafia states like Ukraine, but should be unheard of in a country with a Divine foundation, like these United States?

Maybe, since the left can’t keep their predatory and grotesque claws off of precious children, we turn this election into a referendum on the loud-and-proud baby murder platform to which they cling, the pornographic school curricula they promote, the drag culture they shove down our throats, or the sexual mutilation they protect under the banner of “gender-affirming healthcare”?

Must be nice for Mr. Nichols, who resides in Middletown, Rhode Island, a luxurious and idyllic coastal enclave where 0.0% of the population lives in poverty, to decree from his Ivory Tower that us plebs need to consider the ramifications of voting out Democrats, before we make choices based on the cost of living crisis for which they are overwhelmingly responsible. (Yes, I know, President Trump signed omnibus spending bills, but he also implemented policies, both foreign and domestic, that were able to mitigate a majority of the unchecked spending. My eggs used to be $3, now they’re pushing $7.)

Well Mr. Nichols, given your incredible obtuseness, I’ll say what shouldn’t need to be said: we the people have weighed the consequences of a Republican-controlled Congress, which is exactly why we’re voting that way.

Polls show any leads the Democrats had are slipping: betting markets are exploding in favor of Oz; Lee Zeldin might actually eject crime-lover Kathy Hochul; and Tudor Dixon “thrashed” Michigan’s Jezebel-lite, Gretchen Whitmer.

We don’t want federal agents kicking in our doors like they did to President Trump because we’re political dissidents to the Regime, we don’t want our children “trans-ed” behind our backs, and we certainly don’t want to live under financial slavery — apparently these concepts seem to elude the most academic of the leftist elites. Maybe campaigning on turning the U.S. into Sodom was a bad idea?

Or, as commentator Matt Walsh astutely sums up men like Nichols and his cohorts:

However, we can actually acquiesce to Mr. Nichols’ request, because it’s not just inflation, it’s all the other aforementioned emergencies — we can consider this election to simply be a referendum on the Democrat agenda as a whole.

Reporting from American Thinker.