Arizona State Lawmaker Removes, Hides Bibles from Members-Only Lounge

The incident occurred three separate times.

Elementary School Assistant and Mom to 11-Year-Old Drag Queen Sentenced To Nearly One Year in Prison For Child Sex Crimes

A self-proclaimed "drag mom" and former assistant at an elementary school in Oregon will spend nearly a year in prison after being found guilty of 11 felony child sex crimes.

Biden Admin Loses Contact With 85,000 Migrant Children

The Biden official could not account for the children's whereabouts.

High-Ranking Democrats in Biden Admin Face Removal: Allegations of Missing Oaths of Loyalty to U.S. Constitution

"This lack of Constitutional and statutory requirement thereby nullifies, or at a minimum, calls into question the legitimacy of their appointments or positions," a press release from Ferguson Law states.

Two Tennessee Senators Endorse Trump

Lawmakers are choosing sides in the upcoming 2024 presidential race.

Newly Discovered Chapter in 1,500-Year-Old Biblical Text, Confirms Bible’s Trustworthiness Through UV Light Analysis

Scientists have discovered a "hidden chapter" in the Bible over 1,500 years after it was written.

Millions In COVID Stimulus Money Given To ‘Gotaway’ Illegal Immigrants

The Department of Homeland Security’s Office of Inspector General found that some of the $110 million from the 'American Rescue Plan' for immigrants at the southern border was misused by nonprofits.

State Legislation Could Strip Catholic Churches’ Right to Protect Members ‘Sealed Confessions’

Two bills proposed by state elected officials would remove the Catholic Church’s right to the “seal of confession” protecting priests’ right to refuse to provide private information divulged during confessionals, and Catholic advocates warn it could be a slippery slope when it comes to protections for religious freedom.

Explosion At Chocolate Factory in Pennsylvania Leaves 4 Dead, 3 Still Missing

Four people have been confirmed dead following an explosion Friday at a Pennsylvania chocolate factory, and three remain unaccounted for.

Meteorologist Prays On Air as Mississippi Storms Leave 23 Dead, 4 Missing

A meteorologist prayed live on air Friday as tornadoes ripped through Mississippi, leaving at least 23 dead.

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