Military Draft

Republican Lawmaker Proposes Mandating Transgender Men Register with Selective Service In The Event of Military Draft

Republican Rep. Tim Burchett from Tennessee has introduced a proposal that would require transgender men to register with Selective Service in case the nation ever has another military draft.

Troops Warn of Extreme ‘Woke’ Culture Harming Military

Devastating effects particularly for those in special operations.

Biden Requires Trans Women Born Male to Register in Military Draft

The Biden Administration requires transgender women who were born biologically male register for the military draft with the Selective Service.

Democrats Want to Include Women in the Draft

Republicans are gearing up for a bitter showdown over a proposal to include women in the military draft as House and Senate committees hammer out the annual defense policy bill.

Senate Panel Advances $858 Billion Bill That Supports Ukraine, Taiwan, and Requires Women Register for Draft

The Senate Armed Services Committee, on a strong, bipartisan 23-3 vote, has sent to the full Senate its version of the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act, the annual bill that sets policy for the Department of Defense.

Supreme Court Rejects Challenge to All-Male Military Draft

The Supreme Court on Monday said it won’t hear an appeal challenging the all-male military draft requirement.

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