Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama Not Planning to Run For President

According to Michelle Obama's office, the former first lady will not be running for president amid rumors that she was potentially campaigning this year.

Michelle Obama’s Future Political Involvement Sparks Debate Among Democrats

Former President Barack Obama expresses full support for President Joe Biden's re-election campaign, leaving Democrats to ponder the potential involvement of his popular spouse,...

White House Official Acknowledges Biden’s Mental Decline

Investigative journalist James O'Keefe released a video showing a White House official admitting to Biden's mental decline and a desire to replace Vice President Kamala Harris.

‘White People’ Cannot be Trusted: Obama-Produced Film

A new apocalypse film called "Leave the World Behind" warns that white people cannot be trusted.

Trump Sues Christopher Steele in the U.K. Over Debunked ‘Dossier’

Former President Donald Trump has initiated legal proceedings against ex-MI6 officer Christopher Steele in the United Kingdom, accusing him of creating and disseminating the infamous dossier that Trump argues is discredited.

Obama’s Personal Chef Drowns Near Martha’s Vineyard Family Estate—Unverified Source Says Rescue Personnel Reported ‘Blunt Force Injuries’ to His Head

Former President Barack Obama's personal chef was reportedly found to have drowned while paddleboarding near the family's ritzy estate on Martha's Vineyard Monday.

Police Call Log Mysteriously Left Blank in Obama Chef Death

A second identity is being withheld by authorities.

Roger Stone Says the ‘Democratic Nominee for President Will Be Michelle Obama’

Former Trump campaign advisor Roger Stone predicted that Michelle Obama will be the Democratic presidential candidate.

Only 2 in 10 Dems Support Biden in 2024 Primary Match: McLaughlin & Associates Poll

The poll suggests that the Democratic Party may be seeking a fresh face to lead them into the next election.

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