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Biden Declares ‘Pandemic Is Over,’ Prompting Calls for End to ‘Absurd’ Vaccine Mandates, Federal Health Emergency

In an interview aired Sept. 18 on “60 Minutes,” President Joe Biden declared the COVID-19 “pandemic is over,” in the first such statement by a prominent political figure in the U.S.

The GDP Numbers Are Out: The Great Reset-sion

Well, the long-awaited second-quarter GDP numbers are out, and based on the reading, the economy contracted by 0.9% on a year-over-year basis, adjusted for inflation.

‘The Supply Chain Does Not Exist’: Green Energy Industry Is In For A Rude Awakening

Renewable energy prices have skyrocketed while new wind and solar installations have plummeted over the last year, even as governments continue to forge ahead with ambitious climate plans.

‘Shell Companies and Shady Lawyers’: Why Did Disney Get To Govern Its…

The Walt Disney Company — once a family-friendly entertainment firm that brought together Americans from all walks of life — is currently making national headlines for all the wrong reasons.

Musk’s New ‘Complex’ Plan To Take Over Twitter Underway, Cryptic Tweet Reveals Move Coming Next Week

Entrepreneur Elon Musk, the world’s richest man who is worth more than a quarter of a trillion dollars, appears to have slightly shifted his strategy in his attempt to buyout Twitter and take the company private, according to a new report.

Secret Service Paying Over $30K a Month for Malibu Home to Provide Security for Hunter Biden

Retired Secret Service agent said the arrangement is "the cost of doing business."

The IRS Has Some Interesting Advice About Stolen Property and Bribes

Tax season is right around the corner and the IRS wants thieves to know how they should report stolen property on their tax returns.

California Scheming

Luxury apartment or essential housing? How America’s most notorious junk municipal bond peddlers are getting rich off California’s affordability crisis.

Amazon Hit with Nearly $1B Fine as Stock Drops 8.1%, Bezos Loses $13.5B

Amazon hit with $887 million fine by European privacy watchdog as it sees $148 billion in market value wiped out after missing sales forecast—Bezos still world's richest person.

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