COVID-19 Lockdowns Ineffective at Reducing Mortality: IEA Meta-Analysis

A "global policy failure of gigantic proportions."

Planned Parenthood Calls for Term Limits on Supreme Court Justices

Abortion company Planned Parenthood has called for court-packing and term limits on Supreme Court justices.

House Passes ‘Secure the Border Act’ to Address Immigration and Border Security Issues

"This bill secures the border from President Biden's record, crossings, record carelessness, and record chaos," said Speaker McCarthy. "We identified the problem. Rather than ignoring it, we listened to the American people. And then we took action."

FBI Refuses GOP Subpoena for Biden Family ‘Criminal’ Scheme Document

Comer responded: "It’s clear from the FBI’s response that the unclassified record the Oversight Committee subpoenaed exists, but they are refusing to provide it to the Committee."

Russia Looks to Exit European Treaty

The 'Treaty on Conventional Armed Forces in Europe '(CFE) from 1990 sought military transparency.

JP Morgan Chase Assumes Control of Failed First Republic Bank Amid Major Bank Collapse

JP Morgan will now "assume all of the deposits and substantially all of the assets of First Republic Bank."

Disney Sues Florida Gov. DeSantis as State Governing Board Voids Media Giant’s Jurisdiction

"Disney was openly and legally granted a unique and special privilege, that privilege of running its own local government," former Florida Supreme Court justice Alan Lawson said. "That era is ending."

EU in Final ‘Investigative’ Stage for Digital Currency

The European Central Bank is in the final stage of investigating the digital euro project, which aims to create a digital currency accessible to all citizens of the euro area.

Actress Patti LuPone Says Christian Right Is No Different from Taliban

Actress Patti LuPone said on "The View" this week that she doesn't know the difference between "our Christian Right and the Taliban."

DeSantis Jokes About Building a ‘Prison’ Next to Disney World

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) vowed to crack down on Disney after the company tried to undermine the board he appointed to oversee the company's land.

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