More Than 150,000 Pounds of Baby Formula Delivered to Houston

Enough to provide for 1.5 million bottles.

Over 90,000 Cans of Baby Formula Arrive in Us From Australia Amid Shortages

Roughly 95,000 cans of baby formula were flown into the United States from Australia on June 12 amid a nationwide shortage, marking the fourth flight of “Operation Fly Formula.”

The West’s Cancel Culture Targets All Things Russian Over Putin’s Invasion of Ukraine

"There was so much concern about potential 'Islamophobia' after 9/11, and 'anti-Asian' backlash after China unleashed covid on the world, and yet it seems to be open season on Russians right now," Daily Wire podcast host Matt Walsh tweeted.

California Democrats Want to Double Taxes to Fund State-Run Government Healthcare

California Dems push state constitutional amendment that could double the state’s income taxes.

Elizabeth Warren Is Now Blaming Grocery Conglomerates For Skyrocketing Food Prices

Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has taken to blaming large grocery store chains for food prices that have skyrocketed and persistently remained high in recent weeks.

Maker of Popular Protein Bar Ceases Kroger Deal After Store Strips Benefits for Unvaccinated

Company decides against Kroger business deal after disagreeing with new policy discriminating against unvaccinated employees.

Supermarkets Alter Layouts, Use Decoys to Fill Gaps Left by Shortages

Product shortfalls caused by supply-chain bottlenecks are pushing grocers to get creative so consumers aren’t facing empty shelves

Kroger closes five stores in California cities that require ‘hero pay’

Los Angeles told retailers and pharmacies they need to pay employees a $5 per hour hazard pay.

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