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Biden Issues Memorandum Protecting Palestinians from Deportation

President Joe Biden issued a memorandum to Secretary of State Antony Blinken protecting Palestinians from deportation.

Welsh Government Uses Teenage Girls to Attract Migrant Men to Country

The Welsh government used 14-year-old girls to attract migrant men to the country.

Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson Proposes City-Owned Grocery Stores

In a move to address the issue of crime in Chicago, Mayor Brandon Johnson has proposed the establishment of city-owned grocery stores.

Non-Binary Pronoun Job Applicants Less Likely to Be Hired

New research suggests those with non-binary gender pronouns applying for jobs are less likely to receive a response to move forward in the interview process.

Biden Admin Gives Award to Biological Male to Celebrate International Women’s Day

The White House awarded a transgender person, who is a biological male named Alba Rueda, with the International Woman of Courage Award.

Wealthy Businessmen Are ‘Looking for Unvaccinated Pilots’: U.S. Freedom Flyers President

"Wealthy businessmen have reached out to me for that purpose," says Freedom Flyers president.

Gavin Newsom Puts up Abortion Tourism Billboards in 7 States

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) announced Thursday that his reelection campaign had paid for billboards in seven other states promoting abortion tourism to the...

U.S. Wages Crash by Almost 3%

Americans’ wages have dropped by almost 3 percent under President Joe Biden’s high migration, big-spending policies, according to data presented by one of President Barack Obama’s top economists.

‘Demoralized,’ ‘Insulted’ White House Staffers Looking for a Way Out: ‘Higher than Usual Turnover’

Joe Biden's White House staffers are reportedly looking for alternatives to working under the current administration, pointing to frustration with leadership as the reason they’re seeking change.

Glenn Youngkin Promises ‘Big Agenda’ for Virginia Schools

Gov.-elect Glenn Youngkin has said he has a “big agenda” to restore the excellence of Virginia schools, including an “aggressive charter school program.”

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