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Trump Showing More Signs He’ll Run in 2024

An increasing number of signs point to former President Donald Trump running for the White House again in 2024, Politico reported.

Pro-Trump social media app ‘Gettr’ hacked on launch day as half million sign up

A social media site launched on Sunday by Jason Miller, a senior adviser to former U.S. President Donald Trump, was briefly hacked, and more than 500,000 people have registered to use the site, Miller said.

GETTR Receives 1.2K Strange Chinese Reviews Amid Claim Platform Posts Anti-CCP Posts To Profiles Without Permission

"Soooooooo goooooood. I like it,I would make me great again,guandong lunxianqu."

Former Trump aide Jason Miller to launch new social app “Gettr”

Jason Miller, an aide and close advisor to Donald Trump, is launching a new social app called “Gettr” in coming days, sources tell Axios.

Trump Likely Trading in Hillary for Dr. Fauci as New Rally Enemy

Dr. Anthony Fauci will likely become former President Donald Trump's new target in his upcoming rallies, with attacks against the famed immunologist already growing after a trove of his emails were published in recent days.

Jason Miller: Trump Desk Shutdown to Lead Into New Project

The shutdown of former President Donald Trump's Desk page on his official website is potentially a precursor to joining another social media platform, according to senior adviser Jason Miller.

Former President Donald Trump’s blog page permanently shut down. Senior adviser says it’s a precursor to something bigger

Former President Donald Trump's blog has been permanently shut down, according to reports — and those in his inner circle say that the move is a precursor to something even bigger than just a webpage.

Trump’s Blog ‘From the Desk of Donald Trump’ PERMANENTLY Shuttered, Was Just ‘Auxiliary’

President Trump mothballed his blog after National File reported it was filled with donation links and Facebook trackers.

Trump Senior Adviser Releases News Everyone’s Been Hoping for: 45 Is Coming Back

Former President Donald Trump will be back on social media within the next three months — on his own platform, according to his senior adviser, Jason Miller.

Trump thinks Meghan Markle is ‘no good’ after Oprah interview

(Page Six) Former President Donald Trump thought Meghan Markle was “no good” following her bombshell interview with Oprah Winfrey — but didn’t want to say so publicly for fear of being “canceled” like Piers Morgan, an ex-advisor has claimed.

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