700,000 Follow Joe Rogan Onto Pro-Free Speech Social Media Platform: GETTR

American Faith hops on the GETTR wagon—@AmericanFaith.

  • GETTR—a Twitter-like social media platform championing free speech and offering safe haven to conservatives worried about Big Tech censorship—is nearing four million users just six months after its launch on Independence Day, 2021, The Washington Examiner reports.
  • The platform added 500,000 accounts in the days following podcaster Joe Rogan‘s decision to sign up for an account (@joerogan), the MMA commentator saying he did so just in case Twitter’s actions get “even dumber.”
  • Rogan encouraged his nearly 8 million Twitter followers to join him on the alternative social media app.
  • On Wednesday, GETTR’s official account (@gettr) posted a press release saying the “Joe Rogan Wave” had brought “700,000 new GETTR users” sparking a “Great Awakening.”
  • “Over 700,000 people have flocked to GETTR in the three days following the announcement from podcasting megastar Joe Rogan that he had created an account on the platform,” the release stated. “More than 171,000 people followed Rogan’s lead that day by signing up for GETTR, over 341,000 joined Monday, and an additional 195,000 registered Tuesday, for a total of over 707,000 since Sunday afternoon.”
  • GETTR, which “does not cancel people for their political opinions,” according to the press release, “achieved its first million users less than three days after launch and cemented its place in history as the fastest growing social media platform ever. By comparison, Twitter took 24 months to attract one million users while Facebook took 10 months.”
  • Rogan already has 8.7 million followers on GETTR.
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  • “This is the latest proof that the Silicon Valley oligarchs are censoring themselves into a downward spiral,” said GETTR CEO Jason Miller (@JasonMillerinDC), who is also a former top spokesman for President Donald Trump.
  • “Joe Rogan disrupted the traditional media with his massively popular podcast, and now he’s joined GETTR, which is disrupting social media,” Miller went on to say. “This is a pivotal moment for free expression, and we’re seeing people migrate to free speech GETTR in huge numbers.”
  • Miller told Newsmax, “When you start going through and saying certain people can have free speech but others can’t, then I think that’s where we start to really backslide with regard to the first amendment.”
  • Miller said that Rogan’s switch motivated other influencers to do the same, the Examiner notes, including: journalist Mary Katharine Ham, Newsmax host Rob Schmitt, podcaster Adam22, author and podcaster Bret Weinstein, commentator CJ Pearson, soccer star and announcer Matt Le Tissier, news outlet the Daily Mail, actress Kristy Swanson, activist and journalist Andy Ngo, political commentator Dave Rubin, comedian Larry the Cable Guy, author Dr. Jordan B. Peterson, columnists Kurt Schlichter, Karol Markowicz, Salena Zito, and Josh Hammer, former NBA player and podcaster Andrew Bogut, British rapper Zuby, UFC fighter Tim Kennedy, MMA fighter James Webb, and TV host Jedediah Bila.
  • GETTR was launched July 4 by former Trump adviser Jason Miller, who told Fox News in an interview at the time that he wanted the social media app to be “independent from social media monopolies, independent from cancel culture; embracing free speech,” Fox News explains.
  • “It’s been nothing short of phenomenal,” Miller told FOX Business in an interview after the app surpassed 1 million downloads in its first days. “It’s the fastest-ever social media platform to reach 1 million users—which we were able to do just three days after launch.”
  • GETTR is also an international free speech platform and is very big in countries with conservative constituencies, such as Brazil, the Examiner reports.
  • Rogan’s move to GETTR comes after Twitter banned Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene and Dr. Robert Malone for Covid-19 “misinformation.”
  • Trump plans to launch his own social media platform called ‘Truth Social’ this year.

Jon Fleetwood is Managing Editor for American Faith and author of “An American Revival: Why American Christianity Is Failing & How to Fix It.”