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Border Encounters Up 10% in April, Fentanyl Seizures Rise 14%

In the first seven months of fiscal year 2023, CBP seized over 17,000 pounds of fentanyl, significantly surpassing the 6,600 pounds seized from October 2021 through April 2022.

Fox Corp. Issues Cease-and-Desist to Media Matters Over Leaked Tucker Carlson Videos

"That unaired footage is Fox’s confidential intellectual property; Fox did not consent to its distribution or publication; and Fox does not consent to its further distribution or publication," the company's attorneys wrote to Media Matters.

Biden Admin to ‘Relieve Moderna of Any Liability’ in Court Case

The Biden administration, through Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss, filed a statement of interest in a case alleging Moderna stole intellectual property from biotech companies Arbutus and Genevant.

Biden Admin Assures Commitment to the ‘Pandemic Accord’

Biden's representative to the World Health Organization (WHO) Pamela Hamamoto said the Biden administration “is committed to the Pandemic Accord” and hopes the accord will be successful for "generations to come."

Countering the Threat of Global Food Homogenization

The push toward globalism isn’t limited to political schemes; it also includes efforts to influence agriculture and homogenize food consumption around the world.

G20 Leaders Sign Agreement to Use Vax Passports to ‘Facilitate’ International Travel

The passports are expected to be issued through the World Health Organization (WHO).

Biden Discusses ‘Climate Change,’ Not Uyghur Genocide or COVID with China’s Xi Jinping

President Joe Biden suggested China and America should collaborate to tackle "climate change" but did not mention Uyghur human rights abuses or COVID-19 origins with dictator Xi Jinping at the G20 summit in Indonesia Monday.

NBC Projects Early Wednesday GOP Will Take House

The projection was made despite several dozen toss-up races nationwide. QUICK FACTS: NBC News projected early Wednesday that Republicans will take control of the House of...

China to Be Investigated If Republicans Win House in November

Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy said House Republicans will set up a committee to investigate how COVID-19 spread from China, military and economic threats from the eastern nation, and intellectual property theft.

Chinese Spies Bribed U.S. Double Agent: DOJ

The Justice Department announced on Monday that two Chinese intelligence operatives have been accused of bribing a U.S. official for information regarding a criminal case against a Chinese-owned telecommunications company.

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