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New York City Provides Airline Tickets to Illegal Immigrants

Savanah Hernandez of Turning Point USA's Frontlines revealed that New York City is providing illegal immigrants airplane tickets to travel to other U.S. cities.

Denver Mayor Blames Republicans for $5 Million Cuts from Public Services to Pay For Illegal Immigrants

Denver's Democratic mayor is blaming Republicans and former President Donald Trump for cutting $5 million from public services used by its residents in order to pay for supporting illegal immigration.

Veterans’ Hotel Reservations Canceled to Prioritize Illegal Immigrants

Many U.S. veterans' hotel reservations for the Army-Navy game in Foxboro, Massachusetts, have been canceled.

Biden DOJ Deletes Webpages Spotlighting Child Sex Trafficking Crisis

The removal of these sections from the DOJ webpage has led to significant concern among child protection advocates and the wider public.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams Asking New Yorkers to House Illegals In Their Homes

Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams is now calling for New Yorkers to host illegal aliens in their own homes.

New York Hotel Cancels Wedding Block Reservations To House Migrants

A New York hotel has canceled a block of more than 35 room reservations made months ago by an engaged couple for their wedding guests to house illegal immigrants.

Florida Keys Builds State Trooper ‘Base Camp’ in Response to Migrant Crisis

Under Biden, fiscal year 2022 saw 2.76 million illegal immigrant border crossings. The Biden administration and Democrats are also pushing for citizenship for millions of illegal immigrants.

Human Smuggling Suspects Arrested After at Least 21 Illegal Immigrants, Including Pregnant Woman and 3-Year-Old Girl, Discovered Naked and Starving in Fort Worth Home

At least 21 illegal immigrants are safe and two suspects in custody after the FBI conducted a raid on a Fort Worth, Texas, home shortly before Christmas.

NYC Struggles to House Busloads of Migrants Sent From Texas

New York City officials have so far failed to open a shelter in Manhattan they had hoped to have operating two weeks ago in order to take care of recent migrants that Texas has sent by bus to the Big Apple, the New York Post reported Sunday.

Border Crossers Awarded Healthcare, Free Cellphones Upon Arrival in NYC

Border crossers arriving in New York City on migrant buses sent from Texas by Gov. Greg Abbott (R) are being awarded healthcare services as well as free cellphones, among other things.

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