Denver Mayor Blames Republicans for $5 Million Cuts from Public Services to Pay For Illegal Immigrants

Denver’s Democratic mayor is blaming Republicans and former President Donald Trump for cutting $5 million from public services used by its residents in order to pay for supporting illegal immigration.

Mayor Mike Johnston announced last week that hours will be cut at recreation centers, and in-person vehicle registration renewals at the DMV will end to save funds.

The cuts come after the mayor’s decision last month to divert $25 million from the city budget to the illegal immigration crisis. 

Johnston says the crisis will cost the city around $180 million in 2024.

“The choice by Republicans in Congress to purposefully kill a historic, bipartisan border deal this week will have a devastating impact in Denver,” Johnston said.

“I’m incredibly proud of how city team members have stepped up over the past year, but it is clear that the federal government is not going to support our city,” he continued.

Nearly 40,000 migrants, mostly from Venezuela, have arrived in Denver over the past year, with more than 3,500 living in city-funded hotel rooms.