New York City Provides Airline Tickets to Illegal Immigrants

Savanah Hernandez of Turning Point USA’s Frontlines revealed that New York City is providing illegal immigrants airplane tickets to travel to other U.S. cities.

“Did you know? We can book you a ticket to travel anywhere outside New York City,” a sign reads. “No need to wait in line, just tell the front door staff you’d like to get a travel ticket.”

Hernandez also filmed a migrant saying, “They give me ticket for free to Chicago.”

The migrant, from Russia, added, “I fly tomorrow, for free!”

When Hernandez asked why the man chose Chicago, he said he wanted to find work and “see a new city” and “feel a new vibe.”

A “special government service company” gave him the ticket, he said.

The man was in New York for one year and plans to go to Los Angeles after Chicago.

In November 2023, it was revealed that Democratic cities are spending taxpayer dollars on bus, plane, and train tickets for migrants to move to other locations.

The city of Denver purchased nearly 3,000 tickets to Chicago and 2,300 to New York, almost half of the more than 12,000 tickets the city has purchased for migrants since November 2022.

Nearly 1,000 tickets were purchased for travel to Texas and Florida, whose governors have sent chartered buses and planes of migrants to “sanctuary cities.”