Advisory Issued Following Pfizer Chemical Spill in Michigan

A no-contact advisory has been issued for the Kalamazoo River following Pfizer's chemical spill.

Donald Trump Jr. Receives Death Threat with White Powder

Donald Trump Jr. received a letter containing a death threat and white powder, according to an exclusive report from the Daily Caller.

Republican Rep. Says Secret Service ‘Destroyed’ White House Cocaine Bag

Representative Tim Burchett noted there are conflicting statements from the Secret Service.

Mass Evacuation, Level 2 Hazmat Response After Train Derailment on Norfolk Southern Tracks in Pennsylvania

Decision to evacuate a dozen homes and several proximate businesses was necessitated by the presence of hazardous materials in 15 to 20 cars onboard the train.

Another Norfolk Southern Train Derails, This Time in Alabama, Just Hours Before Railway’s CEO Told Congress He Is ‘Deeply Sorry’ Over East Palestine

Just hours before the CEO of Norfolk Southern testified this week before Congress about his railway's apparent difficulty staying on the tracks, another one of its trains derailed in Alabama.

Emergency Crews Respond To Another Train Derailment in Ohio

A non-passenger train derailed in Clark County, Ohio on Saturday evening, Fox News Digital has confirmed.

Norfolk Southern Train Derails in North Carolina

A Norfolk Southern freight train derailed in Lexington, North Carolina on Saturday morning.

Another Train Derails in Nebraska: Hazmat Team on Site

The incident occurred at around 1:45 a.m. CST and involved approximately 31 Union Pacific train cars carrying coal, which were scattered across the tracks.

China Using Riot Police to ‘Crack Down’ on Protesters

Some report the use of tanks.

Chinese City Reverses Lockdown Measures After Nights of Protests Against Draconian COVID Rules

Guangzhou, capital of Guangdong province, on Wednesday lifted restrictions on movement, though "high risk" areas will remain under lockdown.

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