Mass Evacuation, Level 2 Hazmat Response After Train Derailment on Norfolk Southern Tracks in Pennsylvania

A major freight train derailment occurred in Plymouth Meeting, a suburb of Pennsylvania, causing a mass evacuation and prompting a Level 2 hazmat response.

Local sources have revealed that the 40-car CSX train derailed on a track owned by Norfolk Southern, leading to nearly half of its cars, which were transporting hazardous materials, getting thrown off the track.

The unfortunate incident transpired around 5 am near the intersection of Stenton Avenue and Joshua Road.

According to the information obtained from local stations, the decision to evacuate a dozen homes and several proximate businesses was necessitated by the presence of hazardous materials in 15 to 20 cars onboard the train.

The local police department clarified in a 7 am Facebook post that the only substance that had been found leaking after the crash was silicone pellets, which were deemed to be harmless to the public.

The police force, consisting of 28 individuals, also noted that while no further evacuations are believed to be necessary, the situation is being evaluated actively.

Several disturbing images and videos have surfaced, depicting the aftermath of the derailment.

Several cars and tankers were seen strewn across a wooded region bounded by Flourtown Road, Joshua Road, and Stenton Avenue.

Aerial visuals captured scenes of containers carrying unidentified substances lying on the ground, and parts of the twisted track.

There was also footage of an apparent leakage and tanks that had been smashed together.

As of now, there have been no reported injuries.

Norfolk Southern, the owner of the track where the incident occurred, was at the scene along with representatives from CSX and the Montgomery County Department of Public Safety’s Emergency Response Team.

The company, already under scrutiny for multiple high-profile derailments this year, stated that it did not own the train involved in the latest incident.

The train operator, CSX, which predominantly functions in the Eastern United States, has yet to respond to requests for comments.

No specifics about the cargo the freighter was transporting at the time have been provided.

The cause of the derailment, which occurred during rainfall, remains unknown.